Venues and Parking

Directions and parking information are below. Please contact Caitlin Piatt ( if you have questions. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus! 


The aesthetics site is located at:

Warren Mall

No address is available, but location can be accessed by clicking the link embedded in the map to the right, or by looking up "UCSD Warren Mall" in Google Maps. 

Main Competition

The main competition site is located at:

UCSD Triton Arena

9730 Hopkins Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093


The University of California, San Diego SSBC National Finals planning committee will be reserving on-campus parking spots for judges, volunteers and participants. Parking spots are limited and all attendees are encouraged to carpool. Teams can expect 1 complimentary parking spot. Teams will be held financially accountable for additional reserved parking spots if requested. Each reserved spot will cost $42 per day. It is important to note that classes will be in session on Friday, June 2nd, which will make it difficult for teams to find parking. Please note interest in additional on-campus parking in the Competition Parking section of the SSBC 2023 registration form. 

Potential Reserved Parking Locations (on campus):

**More parking locations will be reserved by the SSBC Nationals Finals Planning Committee as needed.