Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are critical to the success of the National Finals. For professionals looking to give back and contribute to the future of their field, this is an easy yet important way to make a big impact on students and the experience they carry forward into their careers.

Please consider volunteering! No engineering background or competition experience is required, but volunteers should conduct themselves professionally and responsibly. Learn more about the different volunteer positions below, and sign up today!

Competition Judge

Under the supervision and instruction of the Head Judge, judges conduct the events of the competition. They interpret and enforce the Rules, score the bridges, and monitor safety concerns. Judges should be able to walk around for the duration of the competition. They are expected to perform assigned tasks with care and accuracy and to be fair in all decisions. Tasks may include taking measurements, operating a stopwatch, and recording scores. Judges should make themselves familiar with this year’s Rules of the competition.

Bridge Marshal

Each competing team will have an assigned Bridge Marshal who will carry the judging forms and will lead the team to its assigned stations. The Bridge Marshal stays with the team throughout the construction, loading, weighing, and scoring process.

Misc. Volunteer

We need additional volunteers to assist with other tasks throughout the competition such as competition space set up & clean up, team registration & guidance, and more.


Please contact Ian Pierce for any questions regarding volunteering at our event!